MDGs may change to Sustainable Development Goals by 2015.


MDG 7 is one of the least discussed goals. Efforts are driven towards the preceding six. However, as the world embraces sustainability, it will receive more attention. Besides, it is speculated that the Millennium development goals will become sustainable development goals by 2015. This makes the goal highly relevant as we approach 2015.

Many of Africa’s environmental and natural resources are being degraded as a result of lack of environmental sustainability. Many countries are yet to fully include environmental sustainability in their National development plans.

The cost of dealing with the adverse consequences of climate change is likely to hamper progress on the MDGs in Africa. Without rapid economic growth, such expenditure is likely to significantly reduce the resources available for accelerating progress on the MDGs.

There are a number of African countries that are facing serious water stress. This is further exacerbated by climate change expressed in rainfall cycle variations and extreme weather episodes that contribute to water depletion. Reversing this trend will require more efficient water use.

In the same vein, the proportion of urban population living in slum has a lot to do with environmental sustainability. In Africa, the proportion of population deprived of shelter decreased from 71 to 62 percentage. in spite of some progress, Africa ( excluding North Africa) remains the global region with the highest prevalence of slums. Both slums and urban areas in the region appears to be growing at an equally rapid pace.

Summary of the ‘Assessing Progress in Africa toward the Millennium Development Goals MDG Report 2010′ on MDG7 by Ayodele Doyinsola.


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