World Leaders Partner with African Governments to Return Stolen Funds

Global partnership is crucial for achieving the MDGs in Africa

Over the years, global partnership has indeed been of great benefit to countries involved.  The G20 at their various meetings reaffirmed the importance of global partnership and their commitment to the MDGs.

An important but under-emphasized component of global partnership for development, which is critical for African countries, is illicit outflows of resources. In Pittsburgh, the G20 committed to work with the World Bank’s Stolen Assets Recovery Program to secure the return of stolen assets to developing countries and support efforts to stem illicit outflows. African countries will gain significantly if this commitment is met in full, as it will provide additional resources for development.

Mobile telephony continues to grow very rapidly on the continent. Cellular subscribers increased between 2006 and 2008 in all African countries.  Progress is mixed within and across sub regions with North Africa registering the most progress and East Africa the least. Similarly, the use of internet in Africa has been increasing since 2000. This will, on the long run, foster global partnership.

Summary of the ‘Assessing Progress in Africa toward the Millennium Development Goals MDG Report 2010′ on MDG8 by Ayodele Doyinsola.


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