Apply for the UN Global Youth Forum (4-6th Dec)!


UN Call for application for the Global Youth Forum (4th – 6th OF DECEMBER 2012, Bali, Indonesia) for Youth at the heart of rights and development

Forty-three percent of the world’s population is currently under 25. The number of young people is rising fastest in those parts of the world with the lowest economic growth. What does that mean for education, families, jobs, health and sustainability? How can civil society and international agencies work together to build a movement that will put youth interests at the heart of political debate and deliver sustainable results nationally and globally?

The ICPD Beyond 2014 Global Youth Forum aims to address these questions and represents the peak of efforts by UN agencies, young people and civil society to translate the participatory aspirations of the 1994 International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) into a sustainable youth advocacy network.

The Global Youth Forum is being delivered in full partnership with youth advocates and will bring together all stakeholders to make recommendations that will influence the global development agenda for the next 20 years.

Criteria for applicants

Are you:

– A leader, or emerging leader, currently working at national level in an area that contributes to ICPD Programme of Action?

– working in a paid or voluntary capacity for a civil society organisation engaged in policy development at national and local levels?

– working in a paid or voluntary capacity for organisations that have a demonstrable national and/or international reach and mandate;

– Able to demonstrate outstanding youth advocacy and networking capabilities with experience high level of achievement in these areas across a wide variety of environment s and;

When considering candidates for the Global Youth Forum we take into account the following key knowledge, skills, awareness and values:

– a commitment to the values of the ICPD

– leadership experience and future potential;

– innovation in the arena of policy development and application;

– desire to contribute to and improve the leadership potential of the civil society sector;

– willingness to learn;

– self-awareness.

For more information. Visit the United Nations Non-governmental Liaison Service site.

One of us, Folusi Ajani will be attending the Women Deliver conference in Malaysia in 2013. She knew about the conference through our page. And she will representing Nigeria and Africa in grand style to promote the ‘Refer and Reward Scheme’ to reduce maternal mortality. This might be your chance to advance your ideas and contribute to sustainable development. Apply now.

Posted by Biodun Awosusi.



    1. Thank you Akujuobi for your response. Young people are truly the future. In fact, we are today’s leaders.

      1. You are right my friend, we are the generation of hope for youth development. Let us be the voices of our generation. Let us speak for the voiceless; let is work for the incapacitated youths!

  1. Our collective effort can go a long way in reshaping our lives for good. its high time we take our destinies into our hands and contribute to the success and growth of our generation. Yes we can

    1. Ibrahim, there is no doubt that our collective effort can bring the much desired change we all see. It is incumbent on us all to initiate and sustain change in our local communities. Yes we can.

  2. I am a new graduate and presently serving as a youth corp member. I’d love to be a part of ICPD but the criteria seems beyond me. Is there anything I could do? I am a nurse and have spearheaded a seminar on prostate cancer while in school as well as organized a community health outreach.

    1. Onyebigwa, it is great to know you are serving your NIgeria through the NYSC. You stand a chance to participate in the ICPD considering your development projects.

  3. Thanks Akujuobi for your inspiring comment. Sure we are the future. We are leaders of today, as young people! KIndly follow us to receive more updates about available international opportunities and updates on the MDGs. The date draws nearer….let’s do more for the MDGs

    1. Dr Adaku, It is great to know you are interested in the conference. Kindly check the link in the article for the main site where you can go to apply. We wish you all the best in future endeavors.

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