Apply for YALDA International Conference 2012 on Innovation for a Better Africa

Kalaya Okereke, Chairperson of YALDA International Conference 2012.

YALDA is Youth Alliance for Leadership and Development in Africa. Kalaya Okereke is the Chairperson of YALDA International Conference 2012.

This is her message to young people who may be interested in attending the conference:

This year’s conference promises to be an engaging and dynamic experience.  YALDA is honoured to host the 4th Biennial Youth Alliance for Leadership and Development in Africa Conference here in Nigeria – the Giant of Africa – from October 4th -7th in the bustling city of Lagos.  This year’s conference is themed “Innovation and Creativity for a Better Africa: Implementing Your Dreams”.

Africa has recently established itself as the new global investment hub and is experiencing unprecedented growth rates that will continue for years to come.  With more young people in its population than any other continent, Africa’s inability to effectively incorporate the economic participation of its youth poses immense social challenges.

There has been wide recognition that encouraging entrepreneurship and a culture of self-sustenance amongst African youth is the strongest weapon in the battle against rising youth unemployment rates.   At YALDA we also believe in harnessing the potential of Africa’s youth.  All over Africa young minds are brimming with solutions to the continent’s most pressing issues, and it is essential to give these youth the avenues and resources to successfully bring these ideas to fruition in their respective countries and communities.

We are excited to have you at this year’s YALDA conference to not only gain an understanding of the opportunities in Africa, but to empower you to lead visible and ground-breaking change on the continent.   This will be done through an entirely new and more interactive format consisting of five techniques:

  •     providing a platform for idea generation;
  •     idea refining and planning workshops;
  •     industry specific idea presentations to expert panels;
  •     resources exhibition,
  •     and networking sessions.

We are very pleased to be able to bring visionary young leaders together with distinguished professionals and dignitaries to work in tandem to develop home-grown social enterprises for the benefit of Africa and its people.  It is our hope that you will leave this conference inspired to make lasting impact.

Registration is open to all members of the general public ages 18-35 and will close on Friday, 7th September, 2012 . Registration is by application only.

Please note that due to the change in the format of the conference, YALDA has a new special requirement for all applicants in order to even be considered as a delegate: you must have an innovative idea in whatever stage of development (i.e. just conceptualized, written up or even implemented).

All application responses are completely confidential and will not be divulged to any third parties and will not be used for any other purposes other than the sole purpose of assessing your candidacy as a delegate for the YALDA 2012 conference.

Once your application is successful then you will be required to pay the registration fee in full in order to secure your place.  We have dedicated certain number of spaces for the different regions of Africa, so we encourage you to register soon to avoid disappointment.

Kindly visit the YALDA Registration Page here for more information.

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