Youth Challenge Internatio​nal Scholarshi​ps: Apply for Volunteer Opportunit​y!

Do you want to be a Youth Volunteer for YCI?

Do Something That Matters: 10 YCI Scholarships Released

Youth Challenge International (YCI), one of Canada’s leading youth development organizations, is looking to award 10 exceptional youth (18 – 35) with either a $1,700 scholarship towards participation in our 8-week volunteer placement in Tanzania or a $1,000 scholarship towards participation in our 4-week volunteer placement in Costa Rica

Each of the 10 scholarships will be awarded to individuals with a demonstrated commitment to their communities. The scholarships are intended to provide young leaders with the opportunity to turn positive civic involvement into global action.

How to Apply:

Please apply online using YCI’s online application form available here:

1. Eligibility criteria: • Applicants must be between 18 and 35 years of age • Applicants must be applying for one of YCI’s programs departing in October 2012 • Only applicants who are currently not already registered on a program will be considered • Scholarships must be used towards the Tanzania or the Costa Rica program

2. Scholarship entries must be submitted alongside an online application: • Submit an online application • Please indicate on your application (in the “program preference” area) that you’re interested in applying for the “Departing in October Scholarship”

3. Once you have received confirmation of your interview time with YCI, please submit your essay, photo essay or video entry via email. Tell us: How would a volunteer opportunity with YCI contribute to your understanding of what it means to be a global citizen?

In order to apply, submit one of the following on the above topic to YCI: • Personal Essays: Must be less than 800 words in length and submitted in .doc format. • Photo Essays: Must be less than 20 photos and include captions. This may be submitted through a PowerPoint presentation or PDF format. • Video Entries: Must be no more than three minutes in length. To submit your video, please upload your submission onto YouTube and provide the link to YCI. Videos may also be submitted through email or mail. Use only original or royalty-free music and images in your video.

Applications and entries will be reviewed on a first-come, first-serve rolling basis. Only applications submitted before Friday, September 7, 2012, 9:00 AM EST will be considered for scholarships.

To learn more about YCI’s volunteer programs or the scholarship program please contact us at

To go to the YCI homepage go to



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