16 ‘MDGs in Africa’ Members Selected for Commonwealth Youth Programme(1)

16 'MDGs in Africa' Members Selected for Commonwealth Youth Programme(1)

Members of MDGs in Africa network shortlisted for the Discovering Young Leaders Programme of Commonwealth. Congrats! Go and do us proud!



  1. What was your criteria for this selection? We at the rural areas are puting our efforts with out any support from any body to host and MDG event on impotance of comprehensive education for the dropouts from school, physically challenged ,staying healthy,youth fully participation un civic responsibility,family and sexual rights, reproductive health rights for youth,rehabilitation for young mothers of 18-25years to go back to school after child’s dilivery. Who is responsible for this nomination because i am also qualified for it.! Thank you.

  2. The nomination was done by Commonwealth Youth Centre last September. Besides, you are doing a great job. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you for appreciating my work in the first place. Please how can i get involved and be encouraged to do more of this work, i need to be challenged.Please can you conect me to the Commomwealth Youth Center.I will like to make my presentations.We that are in the rural areas are left behind. I am passionate about the educatinal development of the youth in my community, most of them need to be challenge which i am doing please i need extra hand .Youth issues are very important to any developing nation because they are the custordians of tomorrow.Thank you.

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