Six African states among top 2011 MDGs performers


Cameroon, Ethiopia, Gambia, Ghana, Senegal and Morocco were the best  performing nations in reducing poverty by registering remarkable economic  growth.

Jointly produced by African Union Commission, the United Nations Economic  Commission for Africa, the African  Development Bank and the United Nations Development Programme, the report  assessing the progress in Africa towards the MDGs, launched in Addis Ababa,  Ethiopia on Wednesday.

These countries were also commended for their efforts in achieving the MDGs  ahead of schedule.

Ethiopia’s Productive Safety Net Programme stands as an enviable success as  its implementation of public works led to the construction of more than 4,400  school classrooms creating enormous access to education to the rural  communities.

Ethiopia was the second best performing country in Africa next to Algeria in  registering remarkable economic growth and creating job opportunities for its  youth.

The report places Ethiopia third after Liberia and Malawi in cutting infant  mortality rate by half over the past decade.

United Nations Development Programme’s representative in Ethiopia, Eugine  Owusu said the Horn of Africa country had registered commendable achievement in  the road towards meeting the MDGs.

The representative said Ethiopia in particular had traveled a long way to  meet five components of the MDGs owing to its growing investment and economic  growth over the last decade.

Owusu said most  African countries seem to lag behind in terms of meeting the MDGs mainly due  to poor infrastructural facilities.

The MDGs aims to reduce poverty by half in the developing nations by 2015.  However, a number of developing countries, mainly in Africa are said to be far  from reaching the goals.

Lack of political commitment, inadequate infrastructure and funding, among  others, are challenges faced in attaining the MDGs, introduced 10 years ago by  the UN general Assembly.

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