ARTing Climate Change hits Nigeria


The devastating effects of climate change may undermine MDG successes and impede sustainable development in Africa. This is reason we support this project.

‘ARTing Climate Change’ is an event being organised by Zero Carbon Africa to showcase climate change impacts in Nigeria. Zero Carbon Africa is an alliance of youth-led/focused organisations and young individuals working to build grassroots movement across Africa to combat the effect of climate change and environmental degradation through innovative projects and Continental Day of Actions to mobilize Africa for sustainable development.

WHAT: A green carpet event theme ‘ARTing Climate Change’ to showcase climate change impacts on different sector of the Nigerian society using art – music, interpretative dance performance, photography, poetry, video documentary with local content and sharing of real life experiences by victims aim to raise awareness about climate change and inspire positive actions among young people during the ‘National Day of Action on Climate Change’ on 25th October.


WHEN: Thursday 27th September, over a 1,000 people including government officials, members of the diplomatic corps, environmental experts – Nnimmo Bassey (Environmental Rights Action), Christine Kay (Heinrich Boell Foundation);  renown Nollywood stars, musicians, dancers, painters and students’ associations will attend the ARTing Climate Change event which is tailored to showcase climate change impact our lives daily using art and there will be an official launch of the National Day of Action on Climate Change.

For More info, click here.


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