Olusola Amusan: I started my entrepreneurial journey at 12!

Olusola Amusan: Africa’s Youngest Growth Consultant

Here is an excerpt of a short interview with Olusola Amusan popularly know as ‘Africa’s Youngest Growth Consultant’

Q: Can we meet you?

A: I am Olusola Amusan a 22Yr Old Nigerian Serial Entrepreneur(Author, Corporate trainer, farmer, on-air personality, business coach and preacher) acknowledged as Africa’s Youngest Growth Consultant.  I am from Modakeke, a small town in the state of Osun, south West Nigeria. I love traveling, swimming and seeing Sci-Fi movies.

Q: What is your view on the last African Youth and Governance Conference which held in Accra, Ghana?
A: AYGC was an awesome experience. A remarkable event that cannot be forgotten for its impact in terms of key knowledge transfer on issues of policy making and possible partnership for job creation across Africa. AYGC gathered the best minds among the Young people of Africa whose passions were rekindled to contribute meaningfully to National and Continental Development.

Q: Can you share your entrepreneurial experience with us?

A: I can trace that as far back as when I was 13years and I volunteered for an NGO (Life Vanguards) in high school; but before then, I had joined Society for women and Aids in Africa, Nigeria (SWAAN) at age 9!

At about 12yrs old I founded the Young Elites Club and started leading it. By the time I was 15Yrs, I had been planning seminars and campaigns and speaking to peers on personal discovery and future realities in Osogbo and Modakeke and Ile-Ife all in Osun State.

Though I did not know so much about social Entrepreneurship, I learnt about contributing to society and helping others grow. The passion became stronger when I was asked to write an article on “Youth Insecurity in Africa; the way forward”. This led me to start my own organisation, YOUTHs; Be Secured Foundation, Africa (YSFA) in 2005, it later evolved to Secure Africa Initiative which is now the Olusola Amusan Company (OAC), yet with the central message of building SECURE People and Business Brands in Africa! Today, we have a training and growth consulting arm, a media arm with books and Audio CDs  and an “Agro arm where we farm on about 25 Hectares of land, involving arables like maize and vegetables, and we are expanding”.

As the years come by, my platforms have grown across other states and is still growing. In 2010 and 2011, I directly spoke to no less than 17,000 young people.

Q: Have you being recognized for some of these laudable initiatives?

A: I have been honoured with several awards including the 2010 FUTA Leadership Award, the 2010 Global Student Entrepreneur Awards National Champion, and the 2012 FUTA most Influential Student Awards. I have been also recently nominated for the 7th Season of the FUTURE Awards, and the African Entrepreneur Awards.

Q: Thank you for your time

A: You are most welcome.

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