Be a Virtual Delegate to Global Youth Forum

You can be a fully contributing delegate wherever you can access a computer or a mobile phone signal. This could be at home, at a youth centre or in an internet café. As a delegate, you will receive a special login so that you can participate virtually in all Global Youth Forum activities. As a delegate, you will be expected to contribute in a number of ways. Find out more here:

If you are between the ages of 14 and 25, and want to create a world where everybody’s rights are respected and all have an equal chance to achieve their potential, we want to hear from you. Register as a virtual delegate now and you will be able to join the online conversation immediately. From 4-6th December you can follow the conference presentations online and contribute directly using web, mobile and social media to submit your recommendations on the Forum themes. A team of moderators will ensure that the recommendations from virtual delegates are heard bringing your views into the heart of the debate.

As an official delegate, your name and the country you are from will be included in a report to the Secretary General of the United Nations. (If you don’t want your name included, only your country will be noted in the report.)


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