Internship Position at UNDP for MY WORLD YOUTH ADVOCATE

Internship Position at UNDP for MY WORLD YOUTH ADVOCATE

The United Nations Millennium Declaration was adopted in 2000 by world leaders, committing their countries to a new global partnership to reduce extreme poverty and setting out time-bound goals on meeting the needs of the world’s poorest. These goals, to be achieved by 2015, formed the basis for what are now known as the eight Millennium Development Goals, which have been broken down into 21 quantified targets that are measured by 60 indicators.
As was outlined in the report of the Secretary to the general Assembly in September 2011, the UN system’s process of developing a new frame work post 2015 is likely to have the best development impact if it emerges from an inclusive, open and transparent process with multi-stakeholder participation. UN Millennium Campaign has for the last 8 years led UN efforts to build partnerships with civil society, private sector and citizens to contribute to the achievement of the MDGs. This has been done through the use innovative communications campaigns, advocacy, social mobilization and policy dialogue. The focus has been to seek to influencing policy, the generation, allocation and effective use of resources, ways of working and the democratic governance environment to accelerate the progress toward MDG achievement.
In this regard, the UN Millennium Campaign is taking the lead in designing and implementing a strategy for outreach to stakeholders; both within and outside the UN including key leaders across civil society. Our Post-2015 outreach is an attempt to bring the voice of citizens, civil society and the myriad of other stakeholders directly into the debates and conversations that will shape the development agenda.
MY World, a global options survey, has been designed and developed to ask citizens what would make the most difference to their lives and that of their families. It will be disseminated through different channels to ensure both scale (to create political and media traction) and representativeness (for credibility of the results). The outcome of the Phase I will be to present regular analyses of the results to the High Level Panel on the Post-2015 Development Agenda to inform their work. It is envisaged that MY World will continue to 2015 and help to develop an engaged constituency to strengthen accountability for the next development agenda.
The UN Millennium Campaign is therefore creating a multilingual team of interns who, as youth advocates, will provide support on the My World campaign. Building on the expertise of the UNMC and as part of the Youth advocate team, the intern selected is expected to develop an outreach strategy to Civil Society Organizations (CSO) to raise awareness of the platform and provide guidance to peer partners to promote its use, allowing as many users as possible contributing to express their top priorities for My World [ ] and the World We Want [ ].
Applicants should have a background in CSO outreach, student mobilization and/or social media engagment. The candidate is expected to be active on social media and motivated in providing substantive support to the campaign. The candidate is expected to have an excellent knowledge of English and be fluent in one or more of the following languages: Arabic, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish and French. Any other language will be consider as an asset. At least a total of 25 hours per week of work is required.

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