The Eight MDGs Give way to Twelve New UN Goals

Adapted from Guardian UK

So, the wait is over. After five meetings, possibly 5,000 pages of submissions, and more than 500,000 people consulted, the high-level panel appointed by UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon to advise on a vision for development after the millennium development goals (MDGs) expire in 2015 has produced its report (pdf).

There are 12 goals and 45 targets.

Here are the goals:

The 12 goals

1. End poverty

2. Empower girls and women and achieve gender equality

3. Provide quality education and lifelong learning

4. Ensure healthy lives

5. Ensure food security and good nutrition

6. Achieve universal access to water and sanitation

7. Secure sustainable energy

8. Create jobs, sustainable livelihoods, and equitable growth

9. Manage natural resource assets sustainably

10. Ensure good governance and effective institutions

11. Ensure stable and peaceful societies

12. Create a global enabling environment and catalyse long term finance



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