YALDA Kenya Hosts Model African Union


The Youth Alliance for leadership and Development in Africa (YALDA) is a youth led non-profit organization that aims to build capacity of African youth to take on positive leadership roles in their countries. YALDA with support of United States International University is set to hold its inaugural model African Union this summer. Model African Union (MAU) conferences are academic conferences where participants simulate proceedings of the African Union.

The conference dubbed “Youth in policy making: Empowering for sustainable development in Africa” is the first of its type in East and Central Africa and will be hosting over 200 youth from all over Africa. At YALDA we believe the progress of the continent will be determined by the ideas of its young people and as such we give the youth a platform to be heard. The conference will be graced by top AU diplomats, youth leaders, and passionate panafricanists such as Dr. Willie Butler among other distinguished guests.

The head of youth programs in African Union Dr. Raymonde Aggossou will deliver a keynote address. The conference aims to bring youth closer to the continent’s biggest policy making body by providing them with a unique opportunity to give their inputs on various challenges Africa is facing. Youth are the critical pieces of the machinery that will drive the continent from poverty to prosperity.

The conference is set to take place from 5- 8th June 2013 at the United States International University with the support of African Union and Oxfam. Are military interventions such as the recent one in Mali Justified? Participants will be expected to put on their best thinking caps and discuss critical questions. The four committees being simulated include that on economic matters, social matters, Democracy, Governance and Human Rights and that on Peace and Security. Delegates will tackle contemporary issues that are of importance to the African continent such as debt and foreign aid, human rights abuses, self-determination, democracy and war on terror on the continent.

The YALDA Model African Union will be a platform to create awareness of the African Union’s roles and activities on the continent, analyze how member states viewpoints can impact on dynamic and unified policy making at the African Union and also generate understanding on the constraints the AU faces. It is also a framework for African youth to come together and discuss the African agenda. Furthermore it is expected it will materialize into a channel for youth to impact policy making since resolutions passed at the conference will be forwarded to the AU. This conference promises a great opportunity for aspiring young diplomats, passionate young leaders and champions of pan-africanism.

YALDA MAU offers an opportunity to sharpen negotiation and public speaking skills, exposure to a multicultural working environment and a chance to network with fellow youth from all over Africa. Youth are expected to learn and demonstrate professionalism as well display exceptional creativity in solving the Africa’s challenges. Youth are the beacon of hope for the continent and YALDA invites all young people to participate and contribute to the African cause. The deadline for application is 25th May 2013! For information on how to apply click here: https://www.facebook.com/YALDAMAU




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