Apply for Incubator Africa Fellowships – Young Professionals Program (YPP) and Young Reformers Program (YRP)

The Young Professionals Program (YPP) and Young Reformers Program (YRP) are both designed to be transformational. The individuals selected will possess strong enthusiasm for seeing positive change in the education sector. As a training programme, candidates do not require prior experience or expertise in the education field, but must show potential to learn and have sufficient basic skill sets to advance Nigeria’s education reform cause. These individuals should also be able to demonstrate passion, creative thinking, and principled leadership through their past experiences.

Fellowship Description

Young Professionals Programme ( YPP ): This is a two-year paid internship in which YPP Interns will:

  • Work in existing organizations and receive guided training from Incubator Africa
  • Prepare for education consulting and reform work
  • Learn about education in Nigeria with like-minded individual
  • Receive a monthly stipend

Young Reformer’s Programme (YRP )

This is for individuals who desire the education knowledge to achieve their desired impact, but cannot make a two year commitment. YRP receive guided assistance on their projects and receive training at a nominal cost.

Who Should Apply?

Preferred candidates have demonstrated their potential to be change agents. Applicants can come from any sector of society – business, government or civil society. Applicants for the programme must demonstrate most of the following characteristics:

  • Aged 21-35
  • Completed a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree
  • Confident, optimistic, with high expectations and high energy
  • Courage to take risks – be prepared to fail; challenge the status quo
  • Determination and strong professional will
  • High standards and ethics (integrity)
  • Ability to inspire others to believe in themselves and the cause; to empower others to succeed
  • Committed to the cause ahead of self-gratification
  • Humility – chosen to lead rather than self-impose
  • Visionary, strategic and forward thinking – leading for a better future
  • Systemic thinker – ability to assimilate, simplify and channel forces to advantage
  • Empathy and strong relationship builder

Residence in Lagos is required: Applicants must be living in Nigeria by the launch of the programme which will be in September 2013. They should be committed to securing housing in Lagos for the duration of the program. IAL will not cover any costs related to interviewing or relocation for the purposes of these fellowships.

We are keen to seek candidates who may not otherwise have access to such a training opportunity, especially graduates of Nigerian universities.

Interested? Apply on Incubator Africa


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