AMREF to train 3,800 midwives to meet MDGs

amref-aug30-2013African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF) In an attempt to reduce maternal and infant mortality in the country, African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF) expect to train at least 3,800 midwives by 2015, it has said.

The move will help reducing infant and maternal mortality by at least 25 percent by 2015 and at the same help the country attains the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Currently, statistics show that one out of the 31 women is in danger of losing her life at birth point. And a total of 1.5million mothers and infants die every year.

Speaking during a fundraising dinner gala for a campaign dubbed “Stand up for African Mothers” in Dar es Salaam yesterday, Amref Country Director, Dr Festus Ilako, said Tanzania was doing well in achieving the MDGs.

However, he stressed that of the issues of critical importance was improving maternal healthcare.

“We are playing our part in helping the county to meet MDGs targets as far as the health sector is concerned. We do it by strengthening the national health system.”

What we need to do more is to upgrade the skills of at least 2,800 existing health workers using e-learning and an additional 1,000 nurses and midwives through pre-service training by 2015,” he said.

Ilako said enhancing the skills of the existing nurses, midwives and train others was still a major challenge. He has appealed to all Tanzanians to join hands in the various fundraisings that will kick off soon to get funds that will reduce maternal and infant mortality.

According to Ilako, the fundraisings that had only taken place helped 10 midwives nurses from Tanga and Kilindi. And 70 more are expected to be enrolled from Kilindi, Mtwara and Simiyu.

According to him, the training will be expanded to cover all regions of Tanzania and Zanzibar but this is possible if Amref mobilises adequate resources.

“We hope that you will help us make a difference by supporting the campaign that aims at saving lives for women at the time of giving birth and infants’ mortality,” he said.

He said the main component of the campaign was to draw attention to the plight of African mothers and to mobilize citizens through its campaigns to ensure that mothers get basic medical care they need during pregnancy and childbirth.

The fundraising dinner gala has been sponsored by ITV, NBC, Serengeti Breweries and Serena Hotel in collaboration with Montage Limited.

Source: IPP Media


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