MDGs in Africa Social Media Director Shares his dream for Education at Waterloo Global Science Initiative


In the Learning 2030 Blog entry explore how a young leader in Nigeria sees the future of high school education and what he thinks we need to do today to get there by 2030.

by Fagbohun Omotayo, Learning 2030 Blog Contributor

Dream, dream, dream…

I dream of a high school where cognitive ability would be encouraged rather than memorization. Where children can design effective solutions to address the problems that matter to them.

I dream of a high school where learning would be fun, increasing the receptivity of students.

I dream of a high school where children would be taught more than reading, writing, and arithmetic. A high school where creativity and innovation are emphasized.

I dream of a high school where students would be “knowledge makers.” Where the classroom is a think-tank and the teachers expert resources.

I dream of a high school in the next 20 years where skills in new media and entrepreneurial prowess would be nurtured and developed.

I dream of a high school where the Internet would be fully utilized by the teachers as a source of learning tools.

Getting technology to students of the developing world

In my view, there is no way that we can successfully separate innovation, the Internet, and technology from education in the next 20 years.

The Internet is changing the way we work, play, live, even eat.

It’s already changed the way many students learn in the developed world.

Students in the developing world need access to these new tools to help tackle the complex problems they will face after school.

The world isn’t static. If we are to have a dynamic future, teaching approaches and methods must change.

Originally published on Waterloo Global Science Initiative Blog on September 4, 2013


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