Kofi Annan Invites Young People to Online Dialogue Session Today, September 9.

ImageThe Kofi Annan Foundation in conjunction with One Young World and the International Telecommunication Union invites you to participate in the next episode of the Kofi Annan Dialogues: Live slated slated for today, September 9.

The Dialogues are an unprecedented series of online discussions between Kofi Annan and dynamic young leaders around the world. Broadcast live on YouTube, Mr. Annan hopes that these discussions will highlight the views of the young generation, bring attention to the activities they are taking to bring about positive change in their local communities, and empower them to lead.

The success of the Dialogues depends on as many young people around the world as possible tuning in and simultaneously making their voices heard on social media. You can get involved and send your questions directly to Mr. Annan by going to http://dialogueslive.kofiannanfoundation.org/ at 6:30pm (CEST) (or 16.30hrs GMT) today, September 9.

This Dialogue  will explore young people’s priorities for the post-2015 global development agenda. Mr. Annan will take questions on the subject and provide advice on how young people can effectively shape the world they want to live in.

The UN Secretary General’s Envoy on Youth – Ahmad Alhendawi will also appear on the Dialogue, feeding in young people’s questions posed live at the Beyond 2015 youth summit in Costa Rica.

Previous Dialogues in the series have covered youth unemployment, democracy & elections and young people & leadership. Follow the links below to look back on these exciting discussions.

Young People and Leadership
Youth Unemployment
Democracy and Elections

For more information, kindly visit Kofi Annan Dialogues Live


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