MasterCard Foundation Launches Scholars Program for Disadvantaged African Students


The Foundation is pleased to announce its newest Youth Learning initiative – The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program. This $500 million initiative provides talented young people from economically disadvantaged communities, particularly in Africa, with access to quality and relevant secondary and university education.

The Program will serve an estimated 15,000 young people at the secondary and university levels. It has a particular focus on Africa, which is the world’s youngest continent and is experiencing unprecedented growth. Yet, it faces the lowest secondary and university education enrollment rates.Throughout their education, Scholars receive comprehensive financial, academic, and social support, as well as opportunities for community service and internships.

The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program is designed to provide students with holistic support, including:


    Students receive financial support for fees, uniforms, books and supplies, transportation, accommodation, and stipends.


    Students benefit from enrichment in skill areas relevant to employment success, such as critical thinking, communications, and entrepreneurship.


    Students will receive support during their transition into secondary school, university or the workforce with mentoring, career counselling, internships, leadership development, and other life skills coaching.


    An integral component of the Program is the commitment from the Scholars to give back to their communities and countries of origin. Students will demonstrate this commitment through volunteerism and community service, as well as other forms of experiential learning.


    Graduates of the Scholars Program will be connected through an alumni network that offers information, resources, and opportunities to consult with other graduates.

Interested applicants must demonstrate strong academic ability and significant community service or volunteer experience.

Want to apply? Check the MasterCard Foundation Website.


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