A New Philanthropic Partnership Launched with US$500million Investment in Developing Countries


A group of the world’s leading philanthropists today announced the formation of Co-Impact a new global model for collaborative philanthropy and social change at scale. Co-Impact will invest US $500 million in three critical areas – health, education, and economic opportunity – to improve the lives of underserved populations across the developing world.

Co-Impact is founded on the belief that achieving these goals requires collaboration and partnership, long-term support for promising approaches, and a commitment from key actors to change underlying systems. Systems change succeeds by bringing together local communities, non-profits, governments, business, donors, and others to drive lasting change beyond what any individual actor could possibly do alone. Co-Impact’s role is to connect philanthropists with each other and with social change leaders to develop, support, and invest in proven solutions that are ready to scale even further.

Read More at Co-Impact.


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