CDC announces US$100 million investment in Alfa Medical Group

  • Alfa Medical Group consists of leading diagnostics players in Egypt (Alfa Scan and Alfa Laboratories) and El-Safa Hospital
  • Expands access to quality medical care and diagnostics for patients at all income levels
  • Supports expansion of the AMG laboratory business particularly into underserved regions across Egypt
  • Establishes Alfa Academy to upskill workers in the healthcare ecosystem to improve patient care
  • Represents CDC’s largest impact led equity investment in Egypt

Alfa Medical Group (AMG) is one of the largest healthcare providers in Egypt and consists of 140+ medical labs and six radiology centers, as well as a 170-bed hospital, with two further hospitals and the Alfa Medical City under construction. The Group traces its roots to the El-Safa hospital founded in 1977 by the late Prof. Samir Talaat, followed by Alfa Scan and Alfa Laboratories established over 25 years ago.

CDC Group, the UK’s development finance institution and impact investor, has today announced a US$100 million minority equity investment in AMG alongside healthcare investor Africa Platform Capital, the family office of Simon Rowlands, a leading sector expert with a strong track record in healthcare and former co-founder of the global private equity firm, Cinven, where he led the healthcare team.

CDC has been investing in Africa for over 70 years. Its investment will enable AMG to improve its medical health services outcomes, increase public access to medical care and broaden its hospital footprint which will include the new Alfa Medical City. The investment will also support the expansion of the AMG laboratory business particularly into underserved regions across Egypt, as well as the growth of Alfa Scan radiology centers.

In addition, the transaction will finance the establishment of the Alfa Academy, a training academy for AMG employees and third-party healthcare staff. The Academy will provide training to healthcare professionals, developing permanent high-quality talents across the sector and improving patient care.

This investment will help in increasing the number of hospital beds providing quality healthcare service, complementing the Egyptian Government’s efforts in achieving its vision for Egypt 2030.

This investment will contribute towards  SDG 3: Ensure healthy lives and well-being for all, creating jobs as per SDG 8.5: Achieving full and productive employment and offer improved skills training as per  SDG 4.4: Increasing the number of people who have relevant skills.

Source: CDC Group (Published on February 3, 2021)


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